A while ago we wrote a post entitled what toys can you buy for one pound – This is a follow up post, Toys for Two Pounds, not due to any sort of price increase, but rather to give you an idea of what we have in the shop for £2 or less. I will also write a semi-definitive list for your perusal, see below:-

Magic Slate Boards, great fun and only £1.50
Fairy Dust £1.50
Aliens in Slime £1.99
Slime Tubs ONLY £1
Everything in the 50p stand is below £2 obviously, though not going to list it all, there’s a picture below
Stretchy Monkeys £1.50
Tennis Balls £1
Fishing nets £2
Hula-Hoops £2
Windmills £1
Bouncy Flashing Spike Balls £1.99
Whooppeee Cushions Only £1
Bouncy Putty 50p
Lots of Balloon Bijoux Children’s Jewellery is less than £2 as 1/2 Marked Price until we sell out. (If you want any/all in bulk together with the stand then make us an offer

Original Source https://blog.sillybillystoyshop.com/toys-for-two-pounds/ Original Author Name Silly Billy's

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