LEGO Christmas 2017 at Silly Billy’s
I am not going to list all the LEGO that we have at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop as it would take too long and be quite a long read. Instead I am going to list the LEGO themes that we have at Silly Billy’s

LEGO Ninjago
LEGO Creator
LEGO Star Wars
LEGO Friends
LEGO Advent Calendars
LEGO Architecture
LEGO Technic
LEGO Speed Champions
LEGO Minecraft
LEGO Baseplates and Duplo Baseplates
LEGO Duplo

LEGO is one of the most popular toys that we have and our LEGO Stocks for Christmas 2017 are far greater than they were for Christmas 2016 so if you want to know what we have got then please come and visit us at the best independent toy shop in England, based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.
If you did not realise, the LEGO Ninjago movie is on general release today and we have a mammoth amount of Ninjago ready for Christmas plus Ninjago Minifigures,

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