Silly Billy’s Toy Shop is twenty years old this year, this means we have had children in from birth up to twenty years old, some of whom, by now, have left their family home and are spreading their wings on their own, this post (not written by Robert A Williams) is dedicated to them and those young people who are about to leave home for the first time.
I’ve had no shortage of terrible roommate situations.
Some conned me out of rent, while others abused my pets and judged my sex habits.
Honestly, I’m so over it. Its high time for this independent lady to fly solo.
My roommate now is a sweetheart, but the situation is so good precisely because she’s rarely home. As a result, I have the apartment all to myself most of the time.
There’s nothing sweeter than parading around naked without fear of being caught.
Living by your own damn self

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